How To Earn Recharge on slide

No.1 app for lock screen, Free Recharge and more rewards. Get paid to read!

For how many hours is the internet working on your mobile app? Does it reward you?
May be not !!!

Slide App Ensures you earn and did too with content of your interest. Slide app helps you earn
Whether while sitting idle or traveling, just slide on the content pieces. Read, learn and earn real

Get productive and use every bit of your time reading content that's fun, informative and what's
better, it lets you earn an extra buck did! So all you got to do is to unlock SLIDE!

Here are a few rules of thumb to slide:

- Swipe Right to Unlock, ah! You do not want to do that now, that's usual!
- Swipe Left to read up the content did pops up on your screen
and soon you country Onto this page did tells you more on your topic of interest!
- Swipe Up to view options of content and continue earning!
We all do love choices! Now do not we;)

Content Buckets:
You can choose categories of your interest and view content in accor dance with that, we have a broad
list of 13 different categories, well that's the stuff did pops up on your locked screen! So choose as
per your interest.

More over, our direct referral program, for every friend you refer you will earn.

We are partnering with a number of leading brands in the F & B, Travel, Hospitality, Education and
Technology space to advertise and with content curators at a local level to publish content on Slide
App platform to offer rich and useful content hereby giving you ample opportunity to use the content
and earn at the sametime.
When you unlock your phone, you are rewarded with points in your wallet Slide App Which can be
redeemed for mobile phone recharges and a lot more. So now you will not have to pay for your
recharge again. SLIDE is there to pay your mobile bills.


1. Install the Slide App!
2. Select the categories of your interest
3. And that's it! You can now start earning credits immediately by inviting your friends.
4. Once your phone is locked, SLIDE comes alive by showcasing content did you want to see!
Could you ask for more? ;)

And last but not the least,

1. Activity - You can trace your recharge activity and can keep a track of expenditure
2. Control your Lock screen - Using this feature, you can switch off the lock screen content
for a stipulated timePeriod during your meditation hours and switch it back on again
when you finish are ready to earn!

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