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AdaptivePack is an icon pack that permits Action Launcher to show Adaptive Icons on all gadgets running Android Lollipop or later. For Android Oreo clients, AdaptivePack gives Adaptive Icons to a considerable number of applications that as of now don't authoritatively bolster Adaptive Icons.

Not at all like most icon packs, AdaptivePack's icons are purposefully planned not to have a style or topic, but instead to offer Adaptive Icon variations of your most well known applications that look and feel as though the first application engineer made them.

Key highlights:

• Adaptive Icons for ~500 of the most prevalent applications.

• Maximum determination icons (up to 432x432). Contrast this with numerous common icon packs, which maximize at 144x144.

• Dedicated inquiry mechanics, enable you to scan for icons by name, engineer or even Play Store classification.

• It doesn't have a conceivably gimmicky style you'll likely become burnt out on.

• Tiny 6MB download measure.