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Teacher Burns is on the precarious edge of the archeological leap forward of a lifetime - finding the secretive Kumari human progress which is supposed to have the way to interminable life. His designs are thwarted when Larissa, a deceitful adversary paleontologist, drives her direction onto the scene with the assistance of her furnished gatekeepers. Will you have the capacity to stop Larissa before she takes the fortunes of the Kumari progress for herself? Collaborate with an inquisitive cast of characters including Rachel, the little girl of the extremely rich person who financed the undertaking, Tawa, a trusty neighborhood guide, and Peter, a tech virtuoso with an unnatural love of automatons. 

Join a huge number of upbeat Adventure Escape players and check whether you can survive the Hidden Ruins! 

- Beautiful illustrations breath life into the Kumari progress! 

- Explore the wilderness condition and disentangle the story behind this strange place! 

- Solve naughty riddles and questions! 

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- Gather devices and things to help in your escape! 

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Reveal the privileged insights of Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins! Would you be able to locate the long fortune of the Kumari human advancement? 


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We are a little non mainstream amusement studio that affections making recreations. Our Adventure Escape™ arrangement has been played by a huge number of players. Illuminate kills in Framed for Murder, examine paranormal wonder in Midnight Carnival, and go through time in Time Library. Scan for "haiku recreations" to discover us!