Counter Terrorist 2 - Gun Strike Hack Mod Crack Unlimited Pro Premium APK

Our group has gathered every one of the criticisms and spent incredible exertion in the last a couple of months to bring the "new kid" to our fans here.

(Counter Terrorist 2) which consolidates our fans' and our group's awesome thoughts.

presently is accessible for download.

2.0 New Features:

☑You can turn "Auto Shoot" ON/OFF in fight.

☑You can alter "Point Sensitivity" in delay catch.

☑More weapons, in 2.0 we have 20 weapons, some are truly the "beasts":)

☑More levels, in 2.0 we included 2 more levels which contain lovely condition.

☑More brilliant adversaries, in 2.0 we will confront substantially more brilliant foes, you would be advised to not loathe them.

☑Harder level means more rewards.

Amusement control:

☑Left 1/3 screen is for moving,right 2/3 screen is for pointing.

☑When you point the target,your weapon will discharge automatially,giving you a significantly less demanding FPS amusement control.

☑You can set up your shots previously battling,or auto purchase slug in the fight.

Diversion tips

☑You can change your control sensivity in your delay menu,fit all the android gadgets here.

☑Auto purchasing projectiles in the battle,save your valuable time

☑Aim the head,give your adversary the basic strike!

☑Enemies' life and harm develops when you select a harder level.