Dead Legend Hack MOd Crack Unlimited APK

Winter was coming...all lives were gone,but equity wasn't...

Indeed, you were dead as an individual, however you were as yet alive as a zombie seeker.

Living and battling with a human personality in a zombie body, you are the last any desire for sparing the world.

Most Important Tips:

★Shoot the head

at that point one projectile can make target dead

★Shoot quick

at that point you can get higher score

★When you confront the manager zombie

at that point obliterate his cap first

★Bullet can go through dividers

at that point you can murder zombies without seeing them

★Grenades just execute zombies

so you can toss it unreservedly into the "dead"

Diversion Play

☢ Add zombie supervisor who has super overwhelming shield and insane attack,and you have to pulverize his protective cap first!

☢ Add fight vehicle store, you can buy your own super autos!

☢ Upgrade "murder zombies on expressway" mode where you can drive your super autos to execute zombies on thruway!

☢ Upgrade "air bolster" mode where you can spare our kin with the "expert sharpshooter mode" on the zombies' head!


☢ Top realistic on portable amusements, incorporate climate framework incorporate raining and snowing!

☢ High determination 3D firearms models and surfaces!

☢ Here your dangerous trigger mirrors its genuine execution in genuine life,M16,AK47,Mp5 and so forth, incorporate sound effect!

Amusement control

(FPS mode)

Left 2/3 screen is for pointing, ideal for shoot

Shoot the head of them

Execute them quicker

At that point you can get high score

(Drive mode)

TILT the gadget left and ideal to crush the zombies

TAP on four corners of the screen to shoot the Zombies

(Life Saving mode)

Projectile was outlined not to hurt human, you can utilize it where you need

Shot can go through dividers, you can execute zombies without seeing them

Screen touching affectability setting is in "Respite" button,you can change the affectability on the off chance that it is excessively troublesome, making it impossible to point