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Keep your protection up and execute zombies in extraordinary compared to other first-individual shooters, DEAD TARGET. Would you be able to make sense of the way to survival?

In 2040, World War III struck, and the nation's wildernesses changed. Present day fighting progressed to another period after the Minister of Defense marked an agreement with CS Corporation to perform venture DEAD TARGET. Infuse detainees with the infection and change them into super wickedness battle executioners. Nonetheless, CS debilitated to trigger a zombie flare-up if the president did not take after their requests. The zombie end of the world started.

An uncommon barrier group was procured to go to the bleeding edges and gather data before the armed force can open the counter strike – Operation Apocalypse.

Be watchful, the strolling dead anticipate a legend, while human survivors may confront a major mass migration to discover wellbeing. Survival is presently in your grasp.

DEAD TARGET: Zombie is a FPS diversion where you can:

- Kill zombies in with epic weapons

- Upgrade weapons and apparatus to confront the up and coming zombie waves

- Experience 3D shooting as a zombie seeker

- Slay zombies of different types when you set your nerve to the most abnormal amount


End of the world – CAN YOU SURVIVE?

- Dead Target is a free FPS amusement where immense floods of zombies come to you as torrent

- Kill zombies before the intrusion comes toward you


- Zombies come in many structures with different executing capacities

- Some zombies can be to a great degree contaminated with the infection

- Shooting at the head isn't generally the most ideal approach to murder – have a similar outlook as an expert sharpshooter before choosing to shoot


- Multiple weapons – Kill with a rifle, shotgun, automatic weapon, explosive launcher and that's only the tip of the iceberg

- Unlock weapons when you rank up and enhance your quality to wind up noticeably a genuine executioner

- Discover battle moves utilizing different weapons

- Shoot zombies with the correct lift to wind up plainly an eliminator on the front line


- Shooting zombies gives you a chance to finish journeys to rank up and open more cool things

- Shoot zombies so you can be the last one standing

- Weird accomplishments are dependably the most generously compensated


- Prevent zombies from getting away while shielding the ruptured cutting edges

- An exact shot can trigger a blast that can spare you at the perfect time


- Enjoy 3D illustrations with sensible lighting to show the contamination of zombie

- Guns have distinctive sound impacts to speak to their genuine variants


- Compare your execute records to your companions

- Connect to Facebook to share what you have done

- Shoot the most zombies to end up noticeably the best zombie executioner

Would you be able to survive the zombie end of the world? Execute zombies and secure the bleeding edges in the best FPS diversion, DEAD TARGET. Download now to begin shooting zombies.