Fast Reboot Pro Hack Mod Crack Unlimited Premium APK

Select processes that ought to be prohibited from being restarted/shut!

- Schedule programmed fast reboots (e.g. consistently at 4am)

- Option to consequently fast reboot when you open your gadget (from standby)

- Comes with a gadget and an immediate alternate route to in a split second begin a reboot

Mimics a reboot by shutting/restarting all center and client processes (configurable) and along these lines authorizes memory. Your telephone ought to be considerably snappier subsequent to utilizing Fast Reboot Pro.

Fast Reboot Pro now incorporates an alternative to naturally play out a "fast reboot" each time you open your gadget (i.e. when you play Judas on from rest and "slide" to open). Along these lines, your telephone will _always_ be as fast and responsive as could be allowed! Also, you would now be able to plan a fast reboot with the goal that your telephone is fast rebooted consequently at a specific time every day (designed by you, e.g. 4am when you're to the least extent liable to utilize your telephone)

Need to play out a fast reboot when your battery dips under 30%, or when you leave work? Download the free Fast Reboot module to incorporate the application with Locale/Tasker: