Ha Yeon Soo under attitude controversy for arrogant reply to a fan?

Image Source : Asia Today via Nate
She transferred an artwork by Sigismund Righini on SNS and labeled his name. A fan left a remark inquiring as to whether she could know the name of the artistic creation, to which Ha Yeon Soo answered, "I labeled his name. What's more, clearly the best approach to discover is to purchase his exercise manual or Googling it. I'm answering in light of the fact that it appears you would prefer not to put in crafted by Googling it."

Netizens reprimanded her method for reacting and safeguarded the fan saying that simply knowing the craftsman's name isn't sufficient to infrequently discover the name of a particular bit of work.


1. [+291, - 16] Don't act like you're so tasteful ㅋㅋㅋㅋ as opposed to circumventing taking pictures regular, she ought to think about. She's as of now hinting at early the VIP ailment.

2. [+282, - 11] She doesn't seem like she's being not kidding, just seems like she's looking down on that individual..

3. [+256, - 11] She's most likely thinking about how to deal with this now and in the event that she ought to apologize or not. Regardless of the possibility that she does, will individuals trust it's bona fide? Some water has just been spilt, and she's had issues with her state of mind for some time now.

4. [+53, - 2] What a spoiled individual ㅋㅋ she looked so guiltless on 'My Little TV', she appears like the sort who passes judgment on others yet can't remain to be judged herself ㅋㅋ

5. [+51, - 2] She needs to chill... she sounds so forceful when she reacts

6. [+45, - 4] She's the debilitating kind of companion to be around

7. [+38, - 0] The way she talks sounds like she supposes she's privilege and that is the main way she'll have it. "Clearly" the best way to discover is to purchase his exercise manual or Googling it... I comprehend it's irritating when individuals make inquiries about something you effectively labeled yet she had no motivation to react in that way. Perhaps they don't know what labels are?

8. [+36, - 6] She doesn't appear as though it yet she's a spoiled individual. This is the reason impolite individuals need to remain off of SNS ㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+34, - 0] She has no known work under her name, just a B-list superstar for her likeness to a turtle and she's now contracted the big name illness? According to her discourse, she's the sort of individual who gets under your skin to irritate you. The fan even asked her in a truly conscious manner and she answered like that ㅡㅡ she's a spoiled individual on the customary it appears.

10. [+27, - 0] Did her folks not show her any better...? It's words and activities like this that change how a man's apparent. Furthermore, the way that she put the post to private influences her to appear to be woeful.

11. [+26, - 1] I for one detest individuals like her, all things considered, particularly in the work constrain. Knowing more than another person just essentially implies you've been presented more to that data, it doesn't improve you than them. I preferred her picture, it's a disgrace that I couldn't care less for her any longer after this... ㅋ

12. [+24, - 1] She acts like such a know-it-all while freely disgracing that individual ㅋㅋㅋ

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