Ha Yeon Soo

On a current selca she transferred, one of her fans remarked, "I'm sad for being a trouble, yet I truly need to recognize what the workmanship in the center is. Is there a route for me to discover out???". She answered to the fan and expressed, "I labeled sigismund righini.... At that point clearly you can go purchase a guide or utilize google... In any case, since you don't appear to have the will to google, I'm noting you. It's a 1914 selbstporträt."

The answer got consideration from fans, who thought she was as a rule pointlessly snide to a genuine inquiry. The answer likewise raised a case from June, where she erroneously advised wrong data to a fan.

In this post, a fan had answered to a post about harps, remarking that they appeared to be excessively costly, making it impossible to be generally utilized. She answered to him and stated, "Harps begin from lyres, the main instrument humanity utilized. There are two sorts of harps: great harps, utilized by specialists, and celtic harps, which can be utilized by amateurs. Not at all like excellent harps that are extremely costly, celtic harps have a wide range in cost from under 500,000 KRW (roughly 450 USD) to a huge number of KRW. I believe that on the off chance that you don't generally know something, you ought to be sensible, seek it, and after that compose a remark so you don't give disarray to the others and help this post." The fan replied, "Aha. I just knew general data."

The post got reprimanded for two reasons: she was attempting to flaunt by giving superfluous data that didn't identify with the inquiry (the cause of the harp), and she likewise was pointlessly sharp to a fan who had made a safe post that wasn't notwithstanding being mean.

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