HEBF Optimizer Pro - Hack Mod Crack APK

This is the expanded form of HEBF Optimizer with additional highlights, for example,

- Custom interim of planned fstrim

- An additional subject

- Faster boot

- Unlimited choice of applications to compel stop (Game sponsor/VIP Battery Saver)

HEBF (discharge heart, full battery)

Feeling grief stricken? Somebody spoiled with you? Disregard it. Your heart can be vacant, don't give your battery a chance to get as well!

What is HEBF:

HEBF Optimizer is an application that expects to build the execution of your gadget, additionally by concentrating on battery execution, we kept in mind it. With a perfect, crisp and wonderful UI, HEBF demonstrates to you the clarification of every alternative directly underneath it. The application additionally includes a valuable and keen tool kit that you can utilize at whatever point you need.


▪ An established telephone

▪ Busybox introduced (If it didn't accompany the root)

▪ Android 4.1+

For what reason do we require access to capacity?

We have to duplicate the essential documents for the application works, read them and after that run them, for that, we require this consent.

For what reason do we require busybox?

The busybox guarantees us that all orders will keep running on all variants of the framework, it is a double that assembles the most widely recognized parallels into one, so on the off chance that one of them is absent on your framework, it will be available in busybox.