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Bruce lee - the legendary kung-fu master joins the fray. Assume manage of him as you unharness devastating kicks on unsuspecting foes!

● heroes evolved tv - watch your favorite heroes advanced streamers from web sites like youtube, twitch.Television, bigo and more, at once from inside the game!

● 2017 hec - heroes evolved championship returns, bringing competition and amusing for both players and spectators.

● special halloween activities!


Welcome to heroes evolved - a carefully balanced and fiercely competitive, but truthful cellular struggle area experience, full of action & strategy for genuine gamers. Pick from a pool of forty+ specific heroes and jump into groups - eternals vs. Ancients - to war towards real opponents on fantastic myth maps. This game will take all your skill, teamwork, cunning, and strategy to continue to exist and be successful!

Snatch your device and dive straight into combat with lovely photos and seamless animation. Heroes evolved is a completely unique sport of intensity and complexity, permitting you to piece together your personal strategic and unpredictable advantage the use of fog of warfare, terrain, particular hero attributes, and custom equipment builds. Be a stalwart tank man or woman with restoration skills. Grow to be a devastating rogue attacking from the shadows. Bombard enemies from afar with effective spells & abilities, or assume the function of bruce lee, the mythical kung-fu master - the choice is yours! No  video games are ever the same! Play competitively, or simply have amusing in chaotic strife mode, a rotating selection of sparkling and loopy sport rules - heroes developed has something for each person.

Prove your self in the on-line war area this is heroes developed!

★★★ game features ★★★

● revel in the intensity of a completely fledged, classic computer moba revel in proper for your cellphone - anytime, anywhere!

● choose from 40+ specific playable characters, inclusive of the master of kung-fu: bruce lee!

● short matchmaking - battles designed for quick burst sport-play periods.

● a couple of playmodes - pick out between top notch extreme and exceptional whacky playlists depending on the way you feel!

● clan system - shape a clan with your friends to unite below one banner, and make a call for yourselves on line!

● expansive equipment list - allowing for true customization for each of your heroes.

● progressive controls - unleash your abilities & talents with lethal precision.

● more than one language aid - including native implementation of en, fr, de, es, pt, ru, id, th & more coming all of the time!

● no pay 2 win! - cautiously balanced mechanics to assure you a honest recreation.

● join heaps of other gamers across the globe for instant movement and amusing!