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Come back to Isla Nublar with the makers of the crush hit Jurassic Park™ Builder for your next adventure: Jurassic World™: The Game, the official versatile amusement in light of this present summer's epic activity enterprise. Enliven more than 150 epic dinosaurs from the new film and test your rivals in earth-shaking fights. Develop the amusement stop of tomorrow in this unrivaled form and-fight dinosaur encounter.

So as to assemble a triumphant Battle Arena group, you'll have to plan the most productive and viable stop, one that will enable your dinosaurs to flourish and advance. Find new and stunning types of dinosaurs by getting shock filled card packs. Join Owen, Claire and your most loved characters from the film as, day by day, you feed and hereditarily improve your dinosaurs. Since the recreation center is open, it's an ideal opportunity to make Jurassic World™ your own!

In Jurassic World™ The Game you will:

* Defy the laws of science as you COLLECT, HATCH and EVOLVE more than 150 exceptional dinosaurs!

* CONSTRUCT and UPGRADE famous structures and lavish scenes enlivened by the film.

* CHALLENGE adversaries from around the globe in earth-shaking BATTLES!

* INTERACT with characters from the film as you explore energizing new storylines and exciting missions!

* ENHANCE your involvement with Hasbro® Brawlasaurs™ toys – examine each toy dinosaur and fight with it specifically in the diversion!

* CHOOSE from different card packs; each can breath life into an uncommon dinosaur!

* EARN every day rewards, for example, coins, DNA and other basic assets.