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[MilkChoco] is a four to four crew shooting recreation.
You can play inside the various maps including 'assault', 'deathmatch', 'escort' and and so forth with many heroes.
Each hero can be raised individually, in addition they have very own 'ranking', 'weapons' and 'ability'.
There are no coins guns and heroes. And you could get even gold bonuses thru medals and victories.
Therefore, all players in the game are equal.

==== functions ====
- clean to govern
- small size (15 mb, no additional downloads)
- low latency on-line fps

==== be aware ====
1. In-recreation manual, please use the e book button at the top left corner.
2. Login will be a google account. Even if you alternate your cellular smartphone, you can log in with the same account and play along with your current information.
Three. We have reviewed all the vital reviews you've got left, and have integrated them into your updates. We are able to be a developer who genuinely listens. Thanks.
Four. If you use hack or patcher, you could be blocked completely.

==== replace scheduled content ====
1. Superstar league (ladder league)
2. Messages with friends
Three. Clan system