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S'more is an application that enables you to acquire focuses in return for enabling us to put advertisements and substance on your bolt screen. Consistently we'll give you focuses in return for having the S'more lockscreen introduced. Despite how often you see the S'more bolt screen, you'll have guides included toward your record. For whatever length of time that you utilize your telephone ordinarily, you'll inspire focuses to Want to gain significantly more focuses? You can likewise total reviews, offers and allude your companions to acquire focuses. Once you've earned focuses you'll have the capacity to recover your focuses for Gift Cards from retailers including, Target, CVS, GameStop, Starbucks and more!

Here's the manner by which you can acquire focuses:

S'more Lock Screen:

• We'll demonstrate you applicable substance and advertisements on your bolt screen.

• To take in more around an advertisement, tap that promotion.

• To reject the advertisement and access your telephone, basically swipe up.

• You will win focuses each day paying little heed to the quantity of advertisements you see or tap on.

• In return for advertisements on your bolt screen, we'll give you focuses each day.

S'more Surveys

• Complete studies for extra focuses.

• We comprehend that each client may not be qualified for a review. On the off chance that you are screened out, you will in any case get focuses.

• Complete the same number of or as few reviews as you like.

S'more Offers

• Offers incorporate free trials, application downloads and recordings,

• Complete offers keeping in mind the end goal to gain focuses.

• Most offers don't require a Mastercard and are allowed to finish.

S'more Referral Program

• You can allude your companions and family by sharing a referral interface and code.

• When your companions and family join, they get an extra point reward.

• Once your loved ones have utilized S'more for 10 days and are qualified to recover, you'll get 25 extra focuses

• You can allude the same number of companions and relatives as you like.

We're striving to be the simplest bolt screen rewards program. We'll give you focuses each and every day that you have our application introduced. That is it, no catch. For whatever length of time that you utilize S'more, you WILL get focuses. Focuses can be recovered for gift vouchers.

Set your telephone to work for you

S'more is an approach to gain compensates through doing the things you're as of now doing: opening your telephone. We'll remunerate you for enabling us to indicate you significant substance and advertisements on your bolt screen. S'more is the least demanding approach to profit utilizing your telephone. In case you're searching for an approach to win some additional cash, look no further.

Keep in mind: To gain focuses, you DO NOT have to take in more about each advertisement or endeavor to see the greatest number of promotions as you can. Keep on using your bolt screen the way you ordinarily do. You won't procure more to view the greatest number of advertisements as you can. Our patrons and sponsors like it thusly and we trust that you do as well.