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Play The strolling zombie: Dead city, zombie shooter amusement that happens in the alarming not so distant future. Repulsive scourge made world brimming with zombies and now you should battle to survive!

Battle different zombies (zombie detainees, zombie mutts, zombie team promoters, shooters or epic manager beasts) with more than 10 unique weapons! Appreciate awesome toon illustrations and endeavor to survive zombie end of the world with your solid 3D pixel weapon that can be moved up to deliver more harm, be more exact, reload speedier or have more ammunition. Step by step, foe by foe, no strolling dead can remain unkilled in the event that you and whole human race ought to survive. Zombie amusements were never additionally engaging!


* Epic 3D pixel toon illustrations

* Zombies responding to being hit and going into disrepair with numerous hits - consequences for different dead are extraordinary

* Zombie violence all around!

* Intuitive controls making zombie murdering significantly more fun

* 20+ diverse zombie sorts - shooting zombie, pooch zombie, detainee zombie and so on

* Huge supervisor creatures

* Arena reward mode - slaughter the greatest number of zombies as you can utilizing just scuffle weapon

* 10+ distinct weapons, from pistol and attack rifle to pointless excess weapons like rocket launcher, you don't have to fear the strolling dead any longer

* Many maps with various visual topics and adversary courses

* Hit zones - numerous adversaries will tumble down after exact murder shot to the head

* Shooting diversions are about expertise - get by with enough wellbeing and have high % of headshots and get extra rewards!

* Rail shooter

The world after zombie end of the world is unsafe place, yet you are prepared for its difficulties! Get weapon and have a fabulous time with zombie shooting - don't stop your trigger until all dead are...completely dead. Get compensate for your diligent work and open new weapons, update current ones and simply slaughter however many strolling dead as could reasonably be expected. This is a zombie diversion where your abilities truly matter! In the realm of The strolling zombie: Dead city, you can have just a single of these two parts - either zombie executioner or zombie supper.