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Dear buddies, we're happy to ask you to the completely updated toy protection fantasy!
Toy protection fable 2.0 will please fans of tower defence genre with great photographs, person-pleasant interface and interesting fights!

Protect the fortress from dragons and trolls on this amusing tower protection approach game! Gather an army of defenders and combat off monster hordes from destroying your medieval myth nation! Conflict with the enemy and make sure that your castle will preserve the line in conflict against waves of orcs and goblins.

Show your courage and cunning in defense! Recruit hero commanders, build warrior armies, crush enemy monsters and be higher than your pals! Download toy defense delusion now and revel in the exceptional amongst battle method games, with knights and dragons. This game will go away you speechless!

Toy defense fable functions:

Medieval fantasy environment!
▶ kingdoms & castles - immerse yourself in a fable global in which your state relies upon on you to shield the citadel!
▶ epic war! - then rush into over 96 interesting tower defense ranges of amusing strategic conflict!

Shielding techniques!
▶ approaches - make your very own td struggle plans and combat off each ground and air assaults in the game!
▶ build & defend - create turrets and build your army to overwhelm your enemies at warfare! 
▶ tactical enhancements - enhance, restoration and heal your defenses right on the battlefield sector! Make certain that your military is continually prepared, improve your warriors!

Myth armies!
▶ knights & elves - train your medieval nation’s navy of warriors, wizards and healers! Wars don’t win themselves!
▶ turret defenses - build and command all manner of archery, ballista and wildfire turret towers!
▶ brave heroes - recruit hero commanders along with the elite archer, mercenary goblin and hearth wizard.

Monster enemies!
▶ trolls & goblins - break over 9 forms of ugly, mischievous monsters!
▶ dragons & mercenaries - combat mythical dragons and threatening mercenaries in battles
▶ boss battles - conflict evil generals on the give up of each final wave! Show that they are no suit for you in methods!

Effective spells & talents!
▶ magic competencies - forged effective spells which includes sending lethal meteorites to make certain your enemies’ doom! Don’t supply any goblin to your quarter of fire a danger!
▶ strategic talents - activate powerful shields and protect your citadel from siege! Use magic as well as approaches in your benefit!

Weekly tournaments!
▶ competitions - compete against your friends to look who has the first-class td defenses! Clash along with your pals inside the arena and win wars! 
▶ achievements - get rewards for unleashing your fury on enemy armies and display off your tactical superiority!
▶ awards - get pinnacle prizes when you beat your buddies in match mode! A defender with a robust navy and the exceptional towers merits an award!

Love medieval army approach games? Then down load now and dive into the delusion action journey of toy defense myth! Perfect the abilties of your warriors, construct defensive fortresses, devise tower protection strategies. We assure our game will go away you satisfied!

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