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War Robots is an activity pressed multiplayer diversion with 6 versus 6 group fights progressively! Join the positions of the Metal Warriors!

"On the off chance that you are searching for something new and cherish robots and multiplayer fights it's justified regardless of the download to look at it since at first it won't cost you anything." - Droid Gamers

"War Robots is a phenomenal diversion that functions admirably regardless of in the event that you play it on your Android cell phone or tablet, and it's such a decent multiplayer amusement, to the point that it can give individuals an aggressive test while progressing." - AndroidHeadlines

"As a top of the line, group construct online multiplayer mech amusement with respect to Android, it's additionally genuinely novel to the stage." - Android Police

It's a period of war, pilot! Is it true that you are prepared for amaze assaults, perplexing strategic moves and the numerous subtle traps your opponents have in store for you? Pulverize foe robots, catch every one of the reference points, and update your weapons to expand battle quality, speed, and strength of your fight robot. Substantiate yourself in each guide and utilize distinctive procedures and strategies to develop triumphant from fight!


– 28 fight robots with various qualities;

– more than 20 weapon sorts, including ballistic rockets, vitality and plasma firearms. What will you pick?

– numerous conceivable mixes of robots and weapons. Make a war machine to fit your own play style;

– make your own family and lead it to radiant triumphs;

– join epic PvP fights against rivals from everywhere throughout the world;

– finish military undertakings for rewards and gain the Best Pilot title.

Ahead, officer! Triumph is yours!