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Water tracker reminds you to drink enough water, hydrate your body, it's useful for your skin wellbeing and misfortune weight.

Included by Google Play! No.1 heath application more than 30 nations, top 5 more than 90 nations! Your best water tracker application ever! Kind water caretaker to hydrate your body and skin.


The Water Drink Reminder now bolsters Google Fit

Do you drink enough water?

Do you generally neglect to drink water frequently?

Do you have a fit body?

You unquestionably require a water caretaker for your wellbeing.

This water tracker application reminds you to drink water each day and grow great water drinking propensities.

Simply enter your ebb and flow weight, and Drinking Water will help you to decide how much water your fit body require regular . Each time you drank some water, keep in mind to include a container in the application. Your next container will be remained. It's truly your accommodating individual water caretaker. With the water tracker, you couldn't just track what you drink, yet in addition get reminders when to drink.

Advantages of drinking water:

* Stay fit as a fiddle and stay in shape, as it's without calorie

* Clear up your skin

* Keep your skin and nails solid

* Help Prevent Kidney Stones

* Hydro your body

* Water your body

Key Features include:

* Water tracker that will remind you the water you have to drink in whatever remains of the day

* Customized container and Imperial (oz) or Metric (ml) units

* Customized beginning and completion time to drink water inside a day

* Graph and logs of date record

* Stay sound, stay in shape and drink enough water!

* Sync weight information with Google Fit.

* Sync weight and drink water information with S Health.

* Support Google account login.

In our everyday life, drinking water frequently can challenge despite the fact that it has such a significant number of advantages. By utilizing this water tracker application, it will end up noticeably less demanding. Water tracker possibly additionally enable you to get more fit and keep a few maladies.

Water Drink Reminder is an extremely safe programming, please reach us in the event that you have any security question.