Pixly - Pixel 2 Icon Pack Hack Mod Crack APK

Just were given your pixel 2 and prepared to begin customizing? Or perhaps you're bored with normal pixel icons, and need something a little more particular. Both manner, pixly has you covered. Designed with a clean, minimalist style, that is my take on pixel icons.

1,900+ icons

There's an attention to detail in pixly that you might not discover in other pixel icon packs. Every icon has been cautiously tweaked or maybe redesigned, to ensure there may be a consistent minimal fashion.

The colour palette is brilliant and colourful, which looks extremely good on amoled presentations. Whether you are internal or out of doors, the colors constantly pop.

Pixel 2 widgets

Pixly also consists of five pixel 2 stimulated widgets. Kwgt pro is required to use the widgets. It is able to be downloaded from the play shop.

There is four pixel 2 style widgets that allow you to replicate the pixel 2 homescreen ui. There may be additionally 1 opportunity pixel 2 widget. I'll be including a few more of these in destiny updates.


• weekly updates - new icons and fixes
• 22 hd wallpapers clean, sharp, and minimal
• cloth design software - user friendly interface
• multi-launcher assist - short follow in your preferred launcher
• icon picker and seek - seek and update your favourite icons
• icon covering - unthemed icons are masked into a circle
• dynamic calendar guide - date on calendar icon changes every day*

*dynamic calendars supported - acalendar, commercial enterprise, digical, google, inventory calendar, nowadays