Kritika: The White Knights Hack Mod Crack APK

Prepare for the Holidays with Google Play's Festive Updates

Refresh Event (12/8 - 12/31)

- Mystic Wolf Guardian Update Event and Christmas Event

Refresh Promotion (12/07 - 12/14)

- Special Sale: Awakening Stones

- Special Sale: Lapiz

- Special Sale: R-Tickets


* Feel the adrenaline readily available!

- Play the most thrilling activity RPG that will keep you zapped!

- Intense EX abilities that hop off the screen! Call upon a companion's Striker to enable you to command!

* Meet the champions!

- Mystic Wolf Guardian: Brilliant lightning aptitudes! The energy of Sirius! Foes look out, she'll annihilate each one of those in her way!

- Noblia: Dominates the adversaries with various weapons and her super solid power!

- Ice Warlock: Powerful ice enchantment assault clears the foes off the ground!

- Burst Breaker: Sprightly and eccentric! Single strike will impact the whole front line!

- Eclair: Her second to none adaptability will lead the adversaries to their demolish!

- Blood Demon: Her homicidal lance longs for lives!

- Demon Blade: His cutting edge carves a ridiculous way through the battleground!

- Crimson Assassin: Cool as ice! The front line is her play area!

- Dark Valkyrie: She tempts with her chains and judges with her sickle!

- Berserker: Behold his fierceness as he demolishes everything in locate!

- Cat Acrobat: Quick and coordinated, become hopelessly enamored with her spunky battling moves!

- Shadow Mage: His frightful shadow will catch and destroy foes!

* Experience an amusement framework like no other!

- It's better time on the off chance that you cooperate! Appreciate the new Guild framework!

- Pets that keep your side and make you more grounded!

- Grow more grounded through 103 unique stages in Stage Mode!

- Encounter the Monster Wave! Assault an unending rush of beasts!

- Climb and vanquish the 50 stories of the Tower of Tribulation!

- Test your aptitudes in Arena, Versus, and Melee! Turn into a definitive champion!

- Work together to crush effective managers in "World Boss"!

- Use the Auto-Battle highlight to clear stages all the more helpfully!

* Minimum Device Requirement: Galaxy S3

* This diversion requires the accompanying authorizations for ideal gameplay.

- Permission to match up your Address Book and access gadget status for Friend Invites


- Permission to match up your Google account


- Permission to spare essential amusement information remotely