Buff Knight Advanced - Hack MOD APK

You can likewise play it FREE with the allowed to-play adaptation, yet there will be some pennant advertisements.

※ The standard form gives 5 pearls to every new player and extra 10 jewels everytime when a players rises his/her character.

Buff Knight Advanced is a 2D Pixel RPG where a player's character is always moving. Murder the approaching adversaries with your sword and spells! More grounded beasts will act as a burden as you advance, and in the end vanquish the player. Gather relics and update your weapon and protections to battle against them and turn into the most capable knight ever!

Buff Knight Advanced is the official successor to Buff Knight, a widely praised versatile form with more than 1.5 million downloads, and the beneficiary of various honors, for example, turning into the #1 paid RPG in Sweden, Japan and Taiwan, notwithstanding the #1 paid diversion in Korea.

▣ Game Features

- AWESOME and EPIC 8 bit retro sounds and pixel illustrations!

- 12 Different stage!

- 12 Different supervisors!

- 2 playable characters! Play as Buff Knight OR Buffy the Sorceress!

- Use your sword or spells to battle the approaching creatures!

- Develop your own methodologies – There are huge amounts of various approaches to fortify your character.

- Collect 20 antiquated curios with exceptional capacities and redesign them to fortify their energy!

- You can switch your antiques amid the gameplay now!

- Try out the new charge assault and exceptional things against the foes!

- Upgrade your weapon and protective layers - Your apparatuses have numerous levels of redesigns!

- Player positioning framework – How great would you say you are?

▣ Special Items

- Shoes : Makes you invulnerable and dash through foes.

- Sword : You require considerably less time to charge your assaults.

- Mushroom : Improves your skirmish assault harm x2 more grounded.

- Magic Scroll : Calls meteor strike from the sky.

- Potion : Regenerate your wellbeing and mana promptly.

- Bomb : Throws capable bombs to the foes ahead.

▣ Game Tips!

- Hold your assault catch until the point when your legend flashes and discharge it to utilize your "Charge Attack."

- If you utilize the lightning assault when beasts are noticeable all around, the diversion goes into a moderate movement for a brief timeframe. Touch the beasts repeatly to actuate your combo assault.

- If your charge timing is perfect, you can charge your assault while your auto-assault is dynamic.

- You can switch your curios amid the gameplay in the respite menu.