Pocket Troops: Mini Army Hack MOD APK

Turn-based key shooter with imperturbable troopers.

Searching for a group of little warriors you can put in your pocket? Assemble a follower group of experienced warriors. Select and prepare a ragtag band of warriors and bring them into fight. Go up against different players and demonstrate to them who's the manager.

Diversion Features:

Carefree gameplay with key and strategic fights and aberrant troop control.

Minor, furious armed force fellows with a tremendous gathering of insane weapons and apparatus.

An insane backstory with an insidious terrible person who plots to assume control over the world so he can make everybody don dark.

Army installation redesigns and cool intelligent offices: money gadget, angle tank, "delicate kitty, warm kitty, little bundle of hide" and other genuinely military toys.

Carefully assembled music and cartoonish designs enlivened and affirmed by a guinea pig named Boris.

There are a few soldiers of fortune in the amusement, every one of them has its own particular characteristics and aptitudes.


Fast, lightweight, all around defensively covered. Furnished with mid-run programmed rifles. An ideal unit to step up with regards to fight.

Expert rifleman

A long-extend weaponry star with they most noteworthy precision and most noteworthy difference in basic harm. Be that as it may, has a powerless barrier.

Heavy weapons specialist

Long range weapons with sprinkle harm covering different targets.


A fanatic of long-extend overwhelming automatic rifles. Arrangements bunches of harm, however has low precision. High wellbeing focuses and recovery make him a genuine intense adversary.


A shotgun crazy person for short proximity fights. High precision with sprinkle harm covering different targets. Utilizations nades against foes with long-extend weapons.


An ace of close battle, lightweight and very much defensively covered. Difficult to prepare, however absolutely justified, despite all the trouble. His teleportation traps can gives his adversary a genuine migraine. A genuine professional killer.

A ton of missions and supervisors with a fascinating plot and a wonderful cartoonish illustrations won't influence you to get exhausted. Battle with different players and contend with them in the worldwide test delineate.

This is exactly how an Expendables amusement ought to be in our reality.