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It is a PC Remote Controller to control PC remotely through Wi-fi. You should introduce PC Remote Controller Receiver in your PC.

Download PC Controller Receiver Application Setup from here

Download PC Controller Receiver Portable version.(Not suggested utilize just if initial one doesn't work)

NOTE:- Create Wifi hotspot from your cell phone and interface your PC, in the event that you are confronting slacks or getting detached on the grounds that it can be because of powerless Wifi signals.


• It can be utilized to Play Games utilizing android gadget as Joystick/Controller.

• In assembled Controllers for some well known recreations, for example, Counter Strike, GTA Sanandreas, Call of Duty, NFS Most Wanted and so on which can be very customised.

• Users can make their own particular custom Joystick and Map console keys to it.

• Steering controls can utilize G-sensor/Wheel to upgrade gaming background.

• Use Speed Gear to constrain speed in dashing diversions (Experimental).

• Use Cheat Button to enter Cheatcode by a solitary snap.

• It empowers android gadgets to be utilized as Wireless Keyboard/Mouse

• It can likewise be utilized as Touchscreen Display of PC

• Use Command Button to run a DOS order by a solitary snap.

• In manufactured Media player Controllers.

• Multiplayer Support (Two gadgets can be associated at the same time).

The most effective method to Connect ?:

• Install the 'Recipient Application' in your PC from the above given connection and set the Key for association. Ensure you enable access to Private Network when asked by Firewall.

• Connect your android gadget and PC to same Wi-fi Network .You may make wi-fi hotspot from your cell phone and associate Your PC.(Ignore this progression if as of now utilizing same wifi)

• Open the application on your cell phone and tap on any Controller you need to utilize, it will take you to "Associate PC" screen if not associated as of now.

• Wait till it finds your PC and tap on the symbol indicated when it finds your PC (Make beyond any doubt the PC beneficiary application is running on your PC. It keeps running in foundation, check for the symbol in the "Framework plate" exhibit at base right corner of your PC screen).

• It will request the Key that you set in stage 1.

• Once you entered the Key you get associated with your PC.

• If it can't discover your PC at that point tap on the 'Help' symbol on the upper right corner of 'Associate PC' screen to check conceivable arrangements.

• See Demo Video :
Associating utilizing Data Cable

Associate your telephone to PC utilizing information link and empower USB tying in your cell phone. At that point check IP address of your PC relating to fastened interface (it ought to resemble and type it physically on Connect screen.


• May not work for a few diversions.

• Receiver accessible just for Microsoft Windows.

• Mouse mode may not work when System request UAC permission.(Windows security highlight)

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