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ActionDash takes the Digital Wellbeing application as a beginning stage, makes it accessible to all Android clients, at that point offers a more profound involvement with improved experiences and amazing customizations.

ActionDash gets its use information specifically from Android, so utilizing it has no effect on your battery.

The best part is that on the grounds that ActionDash's perceptions come specifically from Android, after first introducing the application you'll as of now have over seven days of utilization history to take a gander at!

ActionDash means to be useful to everybody, regardless of whether you're effectively looking decrease your gadget utilization or not. Its delightful activitys and representations give you full knowledge into how regularly you're utilizing your telephone and in what ways.

A portion of ActionDash's capacity client improvements and customizations include:

• Runs on all Android gadgets Lollipop and later

• Dark subject

• Daily use report warning

• Detailed gadget open and session length details

• Configure the 'beginning of the day' to be 3am (helpful for individuals who head to sleep late)

• Options to incorporate applications, for example, Daydream, Google Play Services, Pixel Launcher and the Digital Wellbeing application in use details (which Digital Wellbeing itself stows away)

Security as an element

As has been valid since we previously begun moving applications in 2012, our plan of action is straightforward: we pitch programming to upbeat clients, and do our best to never to such an extent as be in control of your information.

ActionDash is the same. Your private utilization information never leaves your gadget, either to ourselves or outsiders, with the sole exemption of manual reinforcements you yourself trigger.

We trust you appreciate ActionDash (another way to say "Action Dashboard" and "Action Dash"), and the experiences it realizes you your gadget utilization.